About Me


Hi and welcome to my website showcasing my art and pattern design.

I create surface patterns with lots of colour, often combining hand painted backgrounds with digital lines and tessellations. All my patterns are available to purchase on fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper from Spoonflower, and other items such as phone cases or cushions, are available from Redbubble

If you have created something with fabric from Spoonflower using my designs, I'd love to see it! If you are happy to please tag me in any Instagram posts you share (I'm @emeryallardsmith). 

My designs are often influenced by maths and science - I'm a chartered accountant and I've got a PhD in Astrophysics. I love working with numbers almost as much as I love creating art and I'm at my happiest when combining the two.

I'm non-binary, and believe out-dated gender roles and stereotypes can be very limiting and even damaging to those who don't fit in with society's expectations. I feel it's also quite probable that the roots of gender inequality probably start in childhood. Why do we dress girls in pink and boys in blue and treat them in different ways from the very day they are born?  For these reasons I try to make my designs for children colourful, unisex, and gender-free, my philosophy being: all the colours, for all the genders. I'm currently striving to raise my son free from the limits of gender stereotypes and promote a more accepting and less judgemental way of living.

Please get in touch using social media (or the contact form at the bottom of the page) for requests for commissions, collaborations, or just to connect.